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Don’t know where to start looking for pick packer warehouse jobs? The Mas Agency got your back! warehouse pick packer jobs are a great way to start a logistics and supply chain career. We specialise in finding the best pick packer warehouse jobs for our clients and providing them with training and development advice to help them progress on their warehouse journey.


If your company need a pick packer, we can help you find the right candidate. Contact us today!

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Warehouse Pick Packer Recruitment Agency


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We are the best choice when looking for a Warehouse Pick Packer Recruitment Agency. Our experienced team of recruiters are experts at finding qualified personnel for all types of warehouse work, including pick packing operations. We have an extensive database of potential candidates and have the resources to source a wide variety of individuals who meet your specific job requirements.


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Careers as a Warehouse Pick Packer


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Australia Wide

Careers as a Warehouse Pick packer can be both rewarding and challenging. Pick packing is a job that requires physical labour, organisation, and attention to detail. It involves retrieving items from the warehouse shelves and packing them for shipment.


If you’re looking for a warehouse pick-packer job, we can help you find the best company that suits your skills and experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A pick packer is responsible for fulfilling customer orders in a warehouse or distribution center. Their primary duties include identifying items on a pick list or order sheet, locating them in the warehouse, and then packaging and labelling them for shipment. Pick packers may use handheld scanners or other technology to track inventory and ensure accuracy in the order fulfillment process.

The typical work hours for pick packer warehouse jobs can vary depending on the company and the shift schedule. Generally, most pick packer jobs require employees to work full-time and may include shift work. Shift work may include day, night, or weekend shifts, and may require employees to work overtime during busy periods. 

Our warehouse pick packer recruitment agency can help companies meet their staffing needs in a variety of ways. We begin by obtaining an understanding of the job requirements from each client, and then we use our extensive network to source suitable candidates. Our team takes the time to screen, interview, and assess potential applicants to ensure they have the right skill set for the job. 

Using a warehouse pick packer recruitment agency can save you time, and money, and provide access to a larger pool of qualified candidates.