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Looking for Sales Manager jobs? Our recruitment agency can help! We specialise in matching qualified candidates with top employers in the industry. As a Sales Manager, you will be responsible for managing and motivating sales teams, developing sales plans and strategies, analysing market trends and customer feedback to inform business decisions, and providing leadership to ensure company objectives are met. 



If your company need a skilled sales manager, The Mas Agency can help you find the best candidate.

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 Sales Manager Recruitment Agency


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Australia Wide

Our sales manager recruitment agency is dedicated to finding the best and brightest talent for your organisation. Trust us to handle the recruitment process with ease. Our team of experienced recruiters is well-versed in finding the ideal candidates who understand your industry, have strong analytical skills, and possess the leadership qualities that are so important for a successful sales manager. 


We also carry out detailed background checks and follow the recruitment and selection guide so you can be sure that the candidates we provide are reliable and qualified.


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 Career as a Sales Manager


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Australia Wide

A career as a Sales Manager can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Those in sales management work to ensure that their team meets sales goals and objectives while developing relationships with customers and clients.


Sales Managers must be able to motivate their team, develop strategies, and handle customer complaints. They must also possess strong communication skills and the ability to problem-solve. If you have these qualities, we can help you find the best company and position to suit your skill set.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary responsibilities of a sales manager include:

  • Setting sales goals and targets for the team
  • Developing and implementing sales strategies and tactics
  • Managing and leading the sales team, including hiring, training, coaching, and motivating team members
  • Monitoring and analyzing sales data and metrics to identify areas for improvement and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Collaborating with other departments, such as marketing and product development, to ensure alignment and effective communication
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key customers and stakeholders

Yes, sales manager recruitment agency like us can assist with the onboarding and training of new sales managers

The average salary range for a sales manager can vary depending on factors such as industry, company size, and location. 

The time it takes for a sales manager recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate for a business can vary depending on a number of factors. This may include the specific requirements of the job, the level of experience and qualifications needed, the current job market, and the availability of suitable candidates.

Using a sales manager recruitment agency can help to save time and effort in finding the right candidate, while also ensuring that the hiring process is efficient and effective.